New sale of 12 Copibook book scanners for archive digitization

New sale of 12 Copibook book scanners for archive digitization

The story began 24 months ago, when Pascal Thuilliez (international sales manager of i2S) met one of the biggest international integrators of security systems, which has become one of the several clients since then. This business represents a major order of twelve CopiBook™ book scanners with a following inherent software solution that involves a large digitization project of national archives of an African country.

An initial consultation mission took place on the spot with one of our experts in digitization process in order to assess the documentation and to frame the digitization project. After this audit, i2S defined the expression of needs and technical specifications to be able to run this project.

After an extensive study on market solutions, our client’s choice naturally fell on our offer for the following reasons :
The robustness and reliability of CopiBook™ book scanners
Created in 2005, CopiBook™ is the success story of i2S and planned obsolescence does not exist or only a little because the major part of the base installed 10 years ago still functions. Easy to move, it is designed for travelling and it can be quickly installed, so it perfectly fits to the needs of the service provider when digitization of the documents is needed on the spot.
Productivity and simplicity of use of our digitization solutions
In terms of productivity, CopiBook™ is a book scanner allowing the digitization up to 1000 pages per hour. By having a unique competitive advantage, this scanner allows the real time display of the document, as well as the automatic size and position detection. To digitize, the only thing to do is to turn the page and close the window. It is done.

A global solution of digitization and indexation of records
The software Limb Processing, result of a specific development, allows to cut the records into pieces and to index the pieces with a list of meta data sent by the client. Because of the misuse of certain citizens who manipulate the dates of birth, etc. the goal is to converge the often false paper documents and the digital identity documents operated now by the ministry in question.
Our business expertise and the accompaniment of our experts
This project demonstrates the capacity of i2S in providing proven and reliable global solutions of digitization for large projects of archive digitization as well as the pertinence of associated software offers to process and index the digital images. Our experts are available to assist our clients in these large digitization projects and they render all of their experiences in order to offer the best global solution to these large projects.

Regarding CopiBook™
The CopiBook™ scanner is a book scanner of ideal production to digitize the related documents in high resolution (up to 600 dpi) up to DIN A2/C format. With great image quality, productivity and robustness, CopiBook™ is known today as the best market solution for mass digitization projects. Geared to every type of project, CopiBook Cobalt is a scanner of production that provides the best possible investment return.

Still present in more than eighty countries, i2S continues its mission in the southern countries in order to participate in digitization and in preservation of cultural and administrative heritage of these countries.

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